Who is Agate the Moose?

What good is a moose?

Who is Agate the Moose?

Agate sees his friends as fabulous gems.

He would love to be

Emerald - May

as strong as Emerald,

Diamond - April

as tall as Diamond,

Opal - October

as clever as Opal.

He feels like a plain, brown rock.

RocksBut is he, really?

If you’ve ever hunted agates, you know the thrill of spotting a good one, the anticipation of polishing it to reveal its secret treasures.

Agate reminds us to look for the remarkable
hidden core in ourselves and in others.

- Testimonials -

Agate and his animal friends discover how to find
the beauty in everyone –
a whimsical tale and a treasure for all ages.

“I loved this story! … It’s not about the outside, it’s all about the inside.” – Claire, age 9-3/4

“The story was funny.” – Keegan, age 11

“It made me feel good.” – Jonah, age 6-1/2

“I liked the whole entire story.” – Erik, age 6

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