Author and Illustrator of
Agate the Moose

Joy Morgan Dey
Joy Morgan Dey

Joy Morgan Dey, born an aquamarine, felt more like an agate growing up. Knocking about in The Great Rock Tumbler of Life has given her a
deep appreciation for intrinsic value wherever it hides, waiting to be discovered.
During her career as a graphic artist, Joy designed Old Turtle and The Quiltmaker’s Gift, both BookSense award winners, among many other books for children and adults. She wrote Agate and designed the book as well. Joy lives with her family, just north of Duluth, Minnesota.

Nikki Johnson
Nikki Johnson

Nikki Johnson, an amethyst by birth, has always identified with the agates she loved to collect as a kid. She can spot one from across the street.
In Agate, Nikki shows us her colorful, artistic vision and also her love of animals, especially moose. Nikki is a master painter with the Lake Superior Watercolor Society. Her work appears in Erdman Art Group collections, as well as regional galleries. She lives on the North Shore of  Lake Superior near Duluth, Minnesota.
This is Joy and Nikki’s second collaboration. In their first book, Nightlight, little bears, Aurora Mae and Borealis Burl, discover the northern lights.  It was written by Jeannine Anderson.
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